If you are participating in a United Nurses of Alberta online vote you will receive an email with a link to your ballot. If you are participating in a vote and have not received an email please contact your Local executive.

  1. Open your voter notice and follow the instructions to access the ballot:

    Either click on the link in the email or copy the link and paste it into your browser's address bar. Both methods will automatically take you to the ballot for the vote.

  2. Enter your choices on the ballot:

    Once at the ballot, you will answer each ballot question as directed. You should see instructions both at the top of the page and at the top of each position or question on the ballot. After you have completed the ballot, click 'Continue'.

  3. Review the ballot and submit:

    You can review the ballot prior to submitting. At the review stage, you have the opportunity to 'Edit Ballot' and change your answers. If you are satisfied with your choices, click 'Submit Ballot' to send your ballot to ElectionBuddy to be counted.

  4. Confirmation Page:

    A confirmation page will be displayed once your ballot is submitted. You can print your confirmation page as a record of your successful ballot submission. If your administrator has enabled email confirmation receipts, you may also receive your confirmation via email.